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Our Investment Procedure

We believe that the right processes will make it easier to achieve your financial goals. Thus, we follow a six-step procedure that breaks down each financial planning stage, which makes you know what to expect when working with us.

Step One:

Establish The Relationship

We believe client relationships are partnerships. Because of that we utilize this time to ask you the right questions about your financial history along with your hopes, dreams and fears. This simple step allows us to assess your current financial status and sets the foundation for a well designed roadmap.

Step Two:

Collect Important Data

During this stage, we collect your data which includes outside account information, assets and liabilities. Once we have a clear financial picture of your data; this will give us more insight into your current financial status. Also, we take the time to learn about non-quantitative items like family relationships, beneficiaries, and connections with professionals like CPAs or attorneys. By thoroughly understanding both your quantitative and qualitative influences; this will enable us to strategize for a better tomorrow.

Step Three:

Data Analysis

We use the answers and data from the prior steps to create custom plans. It’s important to analyze data in relation to achieving goals. For instance, we advise you on common scenarios like when you can retire which uses inputs like time horizon, current balance, rate of return, and savings per year. Besides obtaining numerical figures, we factor in unexpected events like market corrections and adjusted savings rates.

Step Four:

Taking Action

The best plan is just that… a plan. The only way to turn a plan into reality is through calculated action. Therefore, we use this stage to review previously made reports, letting us provide you with achievable action items to accumulate, preserve and transfer wealth. Also, we’ll use detailed, sophisticated, and risk-adjusted tailored solutions as the foundation for each financial strategy. Besides this, we also incorporate smart behavioral psychology, like keeping emotions under check to prevent investing mistakes.

Step Five: 


Once we have established your plan, we use our streamlined processes and technology to onboard you to our firm. This involves updating your information in our client relationship management system (CRM) and transferring assets. Consolidating your data and our seamless onboarding process will provide the tools for proper guidance to help you pursue your vision for the future.

Step Six


We monitor your investments and progress towards other financial goals regularly to ensure you’re on the right path. The planning process is an ongoing partnership characterized by monitoring and discussing progress, exploring new ideas and adjusting your plan as needed.

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